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About Us

The Inspiration for Sales Tax Support? ... small-medium business users - just like you

We spent years working with small-medium business users in the sales/use tax market - so we understand the challenges of finding specialized information, products and services - as well as personnel. We've tried to make the process easier for you by gathering helpful state/local content and contacts in one place - and organizing them so that they are fast and easy to access.

You inspired us, but it doesn't end there...

We've created an easy-to-navigate platform and sourced and organized helpful sales/use tax content - but that's just the start. Our user community will be closely involved in the growth of this site. Their opinions will help to determine what other content and features get added to the site. Check back regularly to see new content - and don't forget to talk to us. Tell us what you want to see.

Sales Tax Support is more than an internet portal.

Portals and search engines are great, but often they simply link you to state DOR or vendor web-sites. Then it's up to you to navigate through each to find the sales/use tax information you need. Not only do we source, sort and organize our state/local tax information for you, but whenever possible we have product vendors and service providers present data in easy-to-read (and compare) templates to make it faster and easier for you to find what you need.

Sales Tax Support is a FREE sales tax resource.

Sales Tax Support is FREE to users, thanks to our site sponsors; and since we are not trying to sell you anything, we can focus on creating and maintaining a site that truly supports your needs. While we do need to host advertisements, we only consider ones that are site-appropriate and relatively unobtrusive - with NO annoying pop-ups or animations. And whenever possible, we try to integrate sponsor promotions into great educational content including sales/use tax articles and webinars - or educational features such as "Sales Tax Questions".

Tell us what you think.

Sales Tax Support was inspired by the needs of small-medium business users just like you - and we'll continue to grow to meet those changing needs. Please let us know what you think. What can we do to help you? We are interested in your feedback, suggestions, questions and comments! Access our "Talk to Us" page to send us your thoughts - or call us at 503-241-4820.


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