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We can help you reach the growing small-medium business market.

Not all companies need to worry about sales-use tax, so it can be a challenge for product and service providers to efficiently (and cost-effectively) reach those that do. Sales Tax Support solves this problem. Our web portal is about sales tax and ONLY sales tax - and that means virtually all site visitors are potential clients for your products and/or services.

Your message reaches clients when they are thinking about sales tax.

You can send out a mailer or attend a trade show, but if the audience isn't thinking about sales-use tax at that very moment, it may lead to wasted effort and expense. By placing your ad on Sales Tax Support (or by contributing articles or case studies), highly-targeted clients see your message at the most important time, at the very moment they are ready to consider sales-use tax matters.

Our sales-use tax content gives users a reason to return - again and again.

Our specialized content draws SMB users to our site - but it's timely sales-use tax features and updates - as well as a growing job board that bring them back. The result is increased return traffic, which means increased visibility for our advertisers.

Sales Tax Support costs less (much less) - and delivers much more.

Unlike trade shows and print advertising campaigns which are costly and short-lived, Sales Tax Support offers cost-effective, year-round exposure to a highly-targeted and interested audience. Add to that our multi-channel marketing activities and search engine optimization efforts, and the result is more qualified traffic that sees your message...

Interested in the sales-use tax market? Why you need to act NOW.

Our audience, regardless of size, is highly targeted and exclusively interested in sales-use tax. We are interested in discussing your advertising needs - whether you call us now or once traffic builds. However, please understand that initial advertisers have first choice of advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and may lock in key positions. Once those premium spots are taken (potentially by your competitors), they may not be available again.

Get Your Sales Tax Message to the Growing Small/Medium Business (SMB) Market.

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